2023-2027 Community Health Improvement Plan
Between 2023 and 2027 Healthiest Manitowoc County will focus on three key themes: Navigation & Access to Services, Building a Health Community, and Youth Well-Being. 

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Work currently being done as of April 2024

  1. Navigation & Access to Services
    Promoting existing resources
    Exploring a navigator training course
    Host an annual Community Baby Shower
  2. Building a Healthy Community
    Partner with Holy Family to host a free exercise series
    ;Fit in the Park
    Exploring harm reduction activities including access to
    Encourage and provide festival toolkits to local events
    Distribute lockboxes and medication deactivation bags
    Partner with Holy Family, Manitowoc Sheriffs, and the recycling center to run an annual drug take back day
    Created and trained agencies on a hidden in plain sight curriculum
    Assisted in creating an online food access map
    Created a nutrition curriculum for parents
    Building capacity for safe walking environments all year long
    Promoting Walk to School Day
  3. Youth Well-Being
    Host 2 different parent cafe’s 
    Created and host the Welcome Baby Website with resources for prenatal through the first 5 years
    Created a youth resource hub
    Conduct community developmental screenings
    Provide books to providers for well child visits