Thanks to a grant, Healthiest Manitowoc County (HMC) has the capacity to provide the public personal locking and safety products for medications completely free of charge. Locking up medications can ensure that small children and individuals who suffer from substance use disorders can not access these medications preventing potentially deadly situations.

HMC also encourages all community members to please properly dispose of medications once they are no longer needed. Manitowoc County has 4 permanent medication drop off locations throughout the county. Find a list of locations here along with instructions for disposing of medications at drop off locations.

We currently have 5 items available

1. This bag has a lockable device on the top of the bag that will prevent others without the combination or a key from accessing what is inside. It is important to note that someone could cut into the bag, it is not destruction proof, however, this bag has portability which is nice forĀ  potential weekend trips or vacations.




2. The LockMed lockbox can hold up to 12 normal sized prescription medication bottles. The box has a combination code that must be put in before the door will open.





3. The Helix lockbox is shaped like a bread box and can hold about 8 normal sized prescription medication bottles. This box has installation features for individuals who want to mount the box on the wall or underneath a cabinet. The box is opened through a key and does not have a combination mechanism.




4. The SaferLock bottle can hold one bottle of medication. This works great to protect strong medications or opioids that should be secured in the household. The bottle is opened through a combination mechanism on the top of the bottle.




5. The Deterra drug deactivation is used to dispose of drugs that are no longer needed. An individual wanting to dispose of medications are encouraged to bring medications to permanent drop off locations in the county, however, these pouches allow for someone to safely dispose of medications in their own home. Medications are emptied into the pouch with some water. The pouch is then closed and shaken up to allow the water and pouch materials to interact and deactivate medications. The pouch can then be thrown away.






*Magnets are also available to pickup with your product listing the locations and instructions for bringing medications to the permanent drop off locations. Please note these magnets are from 2019 and do not include the Mishicot drop off location.




How to Obtain a Lockable Safety Product

There are no restrictions to get these free products. Please come to either of the two locations listed below during business hours. Every person that receives a product is required to fill out a short 6 question, anonymous, survey for inventory purposes and data collection. If you would like to discuss any questions or concerns you may have before picking up a product please contact us.

Northeast Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEW AHEC)
925 S. 15th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220


Manitowoc County Health Department
1028 S. 9th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220