Dear Community Member,

Thank you for your continued interest and support of Healthiest Manitowoc County (HMC). Unfortunately like many other community-based organizations, many of our activities have been put on hold due to COVID and COVID-related priorities. We have also seen a great turnover among our coalition members and steering committee members.

This led to much of the HMC work to be put on hold, which is unfortunate, since we were close to implementing some exciting projects. It is important to note some coalitions have remained and are still doing amazing work. We encourage you to follow those coalitions and support their work.

However as we face a new normal, we recognize that health priorities, community needs, and resource gaps have changed. Fortunately, the Health Department and hospital systems are conducting their mandatory health assessments this upcoming year, making it the perfect time to join forces and create a comprehensive community health improvement plan. The results will be shared publicly in summer 2022, at which time we hope to bring the community together to review the data and rebuild HMC with a plan to address gaps as well as support the work already being done.

We recognize the summer of 2022 is far away when there are many hurting now. Yet we also know that it will take a village to address some of these deep rooted issues and unfortunately at this time many of those involved in HMC have had to shift priority focus. We must now reconnect, rebuild, and recommit to an HMC equipped to address the post-pandemic needs of Manitowoc County. We hope you will join us in these efforts, and in the meantime please consider supporting one of the current operational coalitions.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

More updates and timelines will be posted in early 2022.