Parents are the number one influence in their child’s decision to use alcohol and other drugs. Learn how to keep your kids safe from the harms of alcohol and support them in making healthy decisions.

Talk with your child early and often; the sooner and more frequently we talk with our children about alcohol and other drugs, the greater chance we have of influencing their decisions.

Tips for talking with your kids:

Know the Facts: Be a source of credible information and advice for your kids. Help them understand the short- and long-term consequences of substance use.

Listen, avoid criticism, and encourage an open dialogue: Kids are more likely to listen when they feel heard & know you are on their side. Remember that your goal is to have a conversation, not deliver a lecture.

Talk with your child in advance about situations that may arise around alcohol: Discuss together ways to avoid uncomfortable situations and peer pressure.

Choose the right time to talk: Daily activities, like dinner time or driving in the car, are perfect opportunities to talk about alcohol and other drugs.

Check out our 5 conversation goals training video for more information and resources to start the talk!


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