Our Mission

Healthiest Manitowoc County provides collaborative leadership to improve the health of Manitowoc County.

Our Vision

Everyone living longer, better.

Our Reason

County Health Rankings is a tool that uses health indicators to compare counties in a state. Some of these indicators include environmental health, health behaviors, clinical care, quality of life, and socioeconomic factors. Currently, Manitowoc County is ranked 49th out of the 72 counties in Wisconsin. We know we can do better than that. Over the last 18 months, Healthiest Manitowoc County (HMC) has engaged community members to look at data and assess our community to better understand the problems, causes and possible solutions.

What HMC identified is too many Manitowoc County residents are dying prematurely- before age 75. Between 2002 and 2015, Manitowoc County saw a 16% increase in premature death. We are not only dying younger when compared to counties around us, but also when compared to the state and the nation. Some of the op contributing factors when looking at why this is happening includes tobacco use, alcohol use, suicide rates, and accidental overdose rates.

Another factor affecting health we consider is Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs. Research shows that each ACE increases a person’s health risk. Because of this, HMC is doing work to address various ACEs.

To learn more about ACEs watch this short video: ACEs video