To help everyone in Manitowoc County live longer, better, HMC focuses on two initiatives: Achieve Healthy 25 and Achieve Healthy 75.

Achieve Healthy 25 focuses on children and families by preparing children for independent, successful adulthood, strengthening families, preventing adverse childhood experiences, and assuring graduation from high school.

Achieve Healthy 75 focuses on adult health and wellness by targeting addiction and mental health, increasing resilience, strengthening families, and improving clinical care.

Because we know that there is a lot of working parts to improving the health of a community, HMC has designed a workflow to make sure that everyone involved is communicating and there is collaboration throughout the entire process. HMC’s framework includes a steering committee, executive committee, and 6 community coalitions.

Organizational Framework

The Steering Committee attends quarterly meetings and is a means for persons or organizations representing all sectors of the community to pool their collective expertise, resources, and voice in ‘whole community’ efforts to positively affect health outcomes of the residents of Manitowoc County.

Learn who is a part of HMC’s Steering Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Steering Committee chair(s) and immediate past chair, Health Department representative, Health Care Organization representatives and others with necessary expertise. The Executive Committee, consisting of no more than 7 members, regularly works with the Steering Committee, Backbone Organizations and community coalitions to ensure HMC’s strategies are being implemented and goals are achieved.

The Community Coalitions meet regularly to develop needed materials and advocate for policies/procedures. These teams work hand-in-hand with HMC’s Steering Committee and Leadership Council to determine needs, make system level changes, and improve health outcomes.  They develop and implement work plans to address specific health priorities as identified by HMC. Our 6 coalitions include Investing Early and Youth Engagement working in Achieve Healthy 25 and Access to Care, Substance Abuse & Mental Health, and worksite wellness working on Achieve 75. The Physical Activity and Nutrition coalition will work under both Achieve 25 and 75 initiatives.

Read about each groups work and get connected through the coalitions section of our website.