Request to Join our Steering Committee                                                               


Bill Bertsche- Manitowoc Public School District                                                                 Kathy Zucchi- Community Member

Cathy Ley- Aging & Disability Resource Center                                                                  Laura Apfelbeck- UW Extension

*Colleen Homb- Lakeshore CAP                                                                                          **Lexi Otis- Health Department

 Ben Harrison- Kaysun                                                                                                            Julie Grossman-YMCA                                           

*Marty Schaller- Lakeshore Community Health Care                                                          Jim Lester- Community Member

Frank Soltys- Felician Village                                                                                                 *Mary Halada- Health Department

Joyce Greenwood-Aerts- Manitowoc Public School District                                             **Cath Tease- NEW AHEC

*Annie Short- NEW AHEC                                                                                                      *Tracy Lindberg- Aurora

*Monica Nichter- Holy Family                                                                                                 *Jolene Ramirez- Aurora

Ashley Bender- United Way


*Indicates a member who is also on the Executive Committee
**Indicates backbone support