A community wide health assessment is underway! The Manitowoc County Health Department along with healthcare organizations, service agencies, and some nonprofits want to hear from community members what is needed to make Manitowoc County a healthier place to live for all.

The community health assessment takes a wide variety of information from prevalence of health behaviors, social determinants of health, environmental factors, and community input to discover the gaps, disparities, and trends that may not be apparent and to recognize organizations or programs that are working well and should be supported to continue to push the community forward in being a healthy place to work, live, and play.

Components of the Manitowoc County Health Assessment include:

Manitowoc County Residents are invited to join a series of meetings to review the recent Community Health Needs Assessment data, identify prevalent issues, and prioritize key health concerns. Meeting details and registration can be found here.

The assessment findings are shared among multiple agencies and are used to help determine what future work can be done.  That work is then mapped out through a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The plan shows what objectives the Manitowoc County Health Department and Healthiest Manitowoc county (HMC) will be focusing on and how we can work with the community to make a positive impact.








Accomplishments from Past Assessments


2019 Community Health Assessment Results

Secondary Data Report
Phone Survey Results