HMC Structure

HMC just developed and approved a structure chart, by-laws, and MOUs for our steering committee.

The Steering Committee represents a variety of sectors. Each of the members has an authority role within their organization. This is important because HMC is shifting from programs and events, to system change and polices. For the work to be effective the Steering Committee has to have representation of those who can implement the changes within their own system as well as encourage similar sectors to do the same.

The executive committee is made up of representatives from the Public Health Department, healthcare systems, UW extension, Lakeshore CAP, and Northeast WI Area Health Education Center. The executive committee meets monthly to set agenda and guide the work of HMC. The executive team has been instrumental the last year during the restructuring process of the organization and workplan. The committee has pulled data, oversaw the planning process and developed the logic model and organizational structure including by-laws, MOUs, and organization chart for the steering committee approval.

The action plans developed to achieve the identified strategies will be accomplished by the Subject Area Teams. TheseĀ  Subject Area Teams will be comprised of various community members. They will receive support of resources and guidance by the Steering Committee and Executive Committee. Currently in operation are the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and the Mental Health Coalition. Once a logic model and action plans are devised for two new initiatives: Achieve Healthy 25 and Achieve Healthy 75, other subject area teams will be formed.