Health Focus

The Healthiest Manitowoc County Substance Abuse Prevention coalition (HMCSAP) is a group of community members that have been impacted by or are concerned about substance abuse and want to improve our community’s quality of life. We work together on strategies to help prevent young people from ever trying or misusing drugs. We also work to create a community that helps support people who do have a substance use disorder in staying safe, getting treatment, and maintaining their recovery.

Get Involved

Meet 2nd Thursday of each month.
Manitowoc City Police Department Lower Level

Current Action Items

HMCSAP  will have three new workgroups, starting this spring. Currently, we have four workgroups that are working on the following:

The marijuana workgroup is working on distributing a parent toolkit to middle and high school students in two school districts in the county.

The alcohol workgroup is creating a toolkit for groups planning festivals and other events. This toolkit provides information on policies that can help prevent underage and binge drinking, which helps keep community members safe and the community clean. This group also completes alcohol sale compliance checks to help prevent the sale of alcohol to people who are underage.

The tobacco workgroup is providing information to managers and residents in HUD multi-unit housing to help ease the transition to smoke-free housing. This group also completes tobacco sale compliance checks to help prevent the sale of tobacco to minors.

The heroin and prescription drug workgroup recently distributed a survey. They are working on reading responses to the survey and deciding how to move forward. This group has also received funding to put on two community events, provide prescription drug lock boxes and bags to community members, and to run a media campaign.

Take a look at the links to the side to find out more about what our new groups will be working on.

Health Impact

Developed first social host ordinance in the state of WI to prevent underage drinking.

Self-reported underage binge drinking decreased from 26.4% in 2009 to 14.5% in 2017.

Percentage of high school students reporting they’d never used marijuana increased from 76.3% in 2009 to 81% in 2017.

Percentage of high school students reporting they’d never used pain killers without a doctor’s prescription increased from 83.8% in 2009 to 89.5% in 2017.


Hannah Phillips