Achieve Healthy 25 and 75 Initiative

County health rankings put Manitowoc county at 50 out of 72 counties.  We know we can do better than that. So over the last year HMC has engaged community members to look at data and assess our community to understand the problem, causes and possible solutions.

What was identified is that people are dying younger in Manitowoc County compared to neighboring communities, the state and nation. Top contributing factors included tobacco, alcohol, suicide, and accidental overdose. Another factor to consider is Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs. Research shows that for each ACE  increases health risks.

To learn more about ACEs watch this short video: ACEs video

In order to change the numbers and improve the health of the community two key initiatives were decided: Achieve Healthy 25 and Achieve Healthy 75.

If we can get young people to be healthy and thriving at age 25 that is one hurdle. We also need to make sure our adults stay healthy. If residents can be healthy to 25 and then to age 75, HMC can achieve its vision: Everyone living longer, better.


Starting March 2018, HMC will lead community members through another planning phase to determine strategies to help Achieve Healthy 25 and 75. All members of Manitowoc County are encouraged to participate. If you are interested in being a part of the health movement contact Alicia Lang at or at 920-683-4155

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