Our Mission

Healthiest Manitowoc County provides collaborative leadership to improve the health of Manitowoc County.

Our Vision

Everyone living longer, better.

Our History

Healthiest Manitowoc County (HMC) was established in 2004 as an oversight coalition for community health improvement activities in Manitowoc County. HMC coordinated the Community Health Assessment and Improvement Planning process to address high priority needs in the community. Members represent government, business, healthcare, education, not-for-profit community service organizations, law enforcement, religious organizations and private citizens. HMC recognizes that addressing healthy behaviors within all levels of the community will encourage positive choices, healthy lifestyles, and a better community.

Our Reason

County Health Rankings ranked Manitowoc County number 49 out of 72 counties for overall health based on a variety of factors such as: environmental health, health behaviors, clinical care, quality of life, and socioeconomic factors.  We know we can do better than that. Over the last year, HMC has engaged community members to look at data and assess our community to better understand the problems, causes and possible solutions. What was identified is that residents of Manitowoc County are dying at a younger age when compared to residents in neighboring communities, the state, and the nation. Top contributing factors includes tobacco use, alcohol use, suicide rates, and accidental overdose rates.

Another factor affecting health to consider is Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs. Research shows that each ACE increases a person’s health risk.

To learn more about ACEs watch this short video: ACEs video

Our Method

In order to change the numbers and improve the health of the community, HMC has created two broad initiatives called Achieve Healthy 25 and Achieve Healthy 75. The idea is simple; if we can get young people to be healthy and thriving by age 25 that is the first important hurdle. We also need to make sure our adults stay healthy. If residents can be healthy at 25 and then stay healthy to age 75, HMC can achieve its vision: Everyone living longer, better.

Under each initiative are health indicators that 6 community coalitions work to achieve.

Achieve Healthy 25

1. % of children ready for kindergarten

2. % of those graduating from high school

3. % of organizations trained in trauma informed practices

4. % of policies and procedures changed to be more trauma informed sensitive

5. % of youth meeting or exceeding recommended physical activity levels per week

Achieve Healthy 75

6. % of adult obesity rate

7. % of business including worksite wellness initiatives

8. % of individuals accessing health services

9. % of substance use rate (tobacco, alcohol, prescription drug use)